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Thumbnail for cd package March 16, 2010

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I found JOE March 10, 2010

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Joe become a product of Starbucks kk


5 current special edition package design March 9, 2010

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Samsung Yepp Yp-Z5F design by Anna Sui

This Package dispaly and sold Auguest, 2006 at Taiwan. Pretty Pink Color Yepp Yp-Z5F with balck colors. Tageting teenager girls that very emotaionl fasion brand desginer Anna Sui designed it.

Indiana Joens: The Soundtracks Collection (5CD Set)
by Johm Williams release date is Novemeber 11, 2008 

This limited-edition boxed set includes all four of Oscar-winning composer John Williams’ soundtracks for the Indiana Jones film series – RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and this year’s summer blockbuster Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Exclusive to this set are expanded and remastered versions of the original soundtracks for the first three films. The set also includes a bonus CD featuring additional previously unreleased music from the films, as well as excerpts from interviews with Williams, director Steven Spielberg, and executive producer/story creator George Lucas in which they discuss the making of the music for these historic films.
Produced by Laurent Bouzereau, the boxed set will be presented in a handsome, embossed leatherette slip case with a full-color booklet that offers more than 25 pages of behind-the-scenes photos, storyboards and other memorable images from the films. This new set reintroduces and expands the first three iconic Indiana Jones soundtrack albums, which have been collectors’ items for many years.

The Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King (Platinum Series Special Extended Edition) (2003)

have Special Edition + Symphony DVD set + small figure.The greatest trilogy in film history, presented in the most ambitious sets in DVD history, comes to a grand conclusion with the extended edition of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Not only is the third and final installment of Peter Jackson’s adaptation of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien the longest of the three, but a full 50 minutes of new material pushes the running time to a whopping 4 hours and 10 minutes. The new scenes are welcome, and the bonus features maintain the high bar set by the first two films, Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers. The set’s standard for fantasy films by adapting the Holy Grail of fantasy stories with a combination of fidelity to the original source and his own vision, supplemented by outstanding writing, near-perfect casting, glorious special effects, and evocative New Zealand locales. The extended editions without exception have set the standard for the DVD medium by providing a richer film experience that pulls the three films together and further embraces Tolkien’s world, a reference-quality home theater experience, and generous, intelligent, and engrossing bonus features

Pangya Online Pack Speical Edition

Play free casual action game, sports game, MMORPG in Ntreev. Free to download, Free to register. include game CD, Game Maueal book, Character card, cap and special limited costume Coupon.

Ragnarok II

Ragnarok online 2 open beta test special Pagage. Music OST Album, Game Manua book, Artbook, Poouky figure, and 300 peices character puzzle, and 6 rare item include.  OST is 20 song include unrelased songs with main background music and 106 page all-color artbook by Myung-Jin Lee artist and unknown artist artdrawing include this package. Dark gray cover and box package show the simple and clean design.

Spider-Man 2 Gift Set (Widescreen Special Edition W/Comic Book/Postcards/Sketch Book/Photo Booklet) (2004)

More than a few critics hailed Spider-Man 2 as “the best superhero movie ever,” and there’s no compelling reason to argue–thanks to a bigger budget, better special effects, and a dynamic, character-driven plot, it’s a notch above Spider-Man in terms of emotional depth and rich comic-book sensibility. Oridinary People Oscar®-winner Alvin Sargent received screenplay credit, and celebrated author and comic-book expert Michael Chabon worked on the story, but it’s director Sam Raimi’s affinity for the material that brings Spidey 2 to vivid life. When a fusion experiment goes terribly wrong, a brilliant physicist (Alfred Molina) is turned into Spidey’s newest nemesis, the deranged, mechanically tentacled “Doctor Octopus,” obsessed with completing his experiment and killing Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) in the process. Even more compelling is Peter Parker’s urgent dilemma: continue his burdensome, lonely life of crime-fighting as Spider-Man, or pursue love and happiness with Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst)? Molina’s outstanding as a tragic villain controlled by his own invention, and the action sequences are nothing less than breathtaking, but the real success of Spider-Man 2 is its sense of priorities. With all of Hollywood’s biggest and best toys at his disposal, Raimi and his writers stay true to the Marvel mythology, honoring Spider-Man creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, and setting the bar impressively high for the challenge of Spider-Man 3.


My design subject: Cool [kuːl]

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COOL is Korea singing group formed in 1994. First Generation member are four : Sung-Soo Kim, Jae-Hoon Lee, Chae-Yong Yoo and Jun-Myung Choi. Chae-Yong Yoo and Jun-Myung Choi leave the group after finished their first album: The reason I want you. Therefore from second album: Love Is…Waiting relased became three member group by new woman member Yuri joined. After Yuri joined the Cool, their Popularity was very solid and joyful and the one of reason that Cool can keep their popularity is leader vocalist Jae-Hoon’s solid singing skill, joyful song and image.

Mostly Cool’s stage genre are Dance and Ballad. Cool are won the Grand Prize Golden Disk in years of 2002 because Cool’s seventh Album: The Truth recorded most be sold album in 2002. Cool announced the Dissolution in August 2, 2005 however after three-year in July 25, 2008, Cool are into activities again by  release the Album 10.5 : I Want Love. In 2009, Cool release Summer formality eleventh album. Cool release total 17 albums during their activity period 12 years. Cool’s regular album is eleven these show the how Cool’s popularity.

Another special characteristic of group Cool is their most activity period is Summer. You can find out their album release date. Most album came out in July. After released their 5th album: translation of Man and Women, Cool keep this system. Therefore they are show up and get going only summer and not active in the showbiz or still active in the entertainment showbiz. Especially member Sung-Soo Kim has a wide sphere of singing and entertainment area. He is rapper.