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My design subject: Cool [kuːl] March 9, 2010

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COOL is Korea singing group formed in 1994. First Generation member are four : Sung-Soo Kim, Jae-Hoon Lee, Chae-Yong Yoo and Jun-Myung Choi. Chae-Yong Yoo and Jun-Myung Choi leave the group after finished their first album: The reason I want you. Therefore from second album: Love Is…Waiting relased became three member group by new woman member Yuri joined. After Yuri joined the Cool, their Popularity was very solid and joyful and the one of reason that Cool can keep their popularity is leader vocalist Jae-Hoon’s solid singing skill, joyful song and image.

Mostly Cool’s stage genre are Dance and Ballad. Cool are won the Grand Prize Golden Disk in years of 2002 because Cool’s seventh Album: The Truth recorded most be sold album in 2002. Cool announced the Dissolution in August 2, 2005 however after three-year in July 25, 2008, Cool are into activities again by  release the Album 10.5 : I Want Love. In 2009, Cool release Summer formality eleventh album. Cool release total 17 albums during their activity period 12 years. Cool’s regular album is eleven these show the how Cool’s popularity.

Another special characteristic of group Cool is their most activity period is Summer. You can find out their album release date. Most album came out in July. After released their 5th album: translation of Man and Women, Cool keep this system. Therefore they are show up and get going only summer and not active in the showbiz or still active in the entertainment showbiz. Especially member Sung-Soo Kim has a wide sphere of singing and entertainment area. He is rapper.


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