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Thumbnail for cd package March 16, 2010

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6 Responses to “Thumbnail for cd package”

  1. rachel ramirez Says:

    The lower left sketch works very well in my opinion and it would be really cool trying to create this but it might be a challenge. The first sketch at the top left also works well, I like the way the DVDs layout, very creative!

  2. I am unsure what your cd or dvd is. But for structure I like the bottom left one. Its hard to tell what the design is going to look like from your sketches, but I like the structure of the bottom left one.

  3. dmarquis22 Says:

    I really like the color palette. As far as the structure, I like the the second and third thumbnail. I like how both thumbnails covers and cd case are cohesive.

  4. arazzz Says:

    I like the color scheme you are working with. Is this a music cd or a movie? Never heard of it, seems interesting. I like the idea of having the cover case embossed and make it pop with the blue. The second sketch is also innovative, the 1 2 3, will that be a di-cut?

  5. Rogue_hunter Says:

    I don’t really get a sense of what this band is or their style of music.

    As for structure and packaging, the first and the last are the most interesting with what can be done with them.

    If this is more of a collection of their albums, the third idea works best because it keeps the individual albums separate. But just doing the emboss doesn’t seem to make it special/iconic/unique enough.

  6. Hakon Engivg Says:

    cool ideas, good clean structure, however i have no idea what these packages are for. however my favorite is the hexagons, i wounder how you will make it work and i cant wait to see if finished!

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